Cerebral Perfusion (Ceretec) Scan

What is a Cerebral Perfusion (Ceretec) Scan?
A Cerebral Perfusion or Ceretec scan looks at brain function by demonstrating the amount of blood taken up by the brain cells. This scan is designed to show if some parts of the brain are working more than normal or less than normal. Conditions such as dementia, epilepsy and stroke can be diagnosed according to the distribution of the tracer within the brain.
How long does a Cerebral Perfusion Scan take?
The scan will take about 1 and a half hours to complete.
What preparation is there for a Cerebral Perfusion Scan?
No preparation is required for this scan. Please bring your referral from the doctor, any relevant recent scans/tests, and your Medicare card. It is advised that if the patient is suffering dementia, they should be accompanied to the appointment. 
What does a Cerebral Perfusion Scan involve?
Cerebral perfusion studies are always performed early in the morning to ensure the practice is quiet. Upon arrival you will be taken into a room where an IV cannula (a thin plastic tube) will be inserted into a vein in your arm. The scan requires you to rest for 20-30 minutes in a quiet, darkened room before the radiopharmaceutical can be given. You will most likely be alone during this time so that your brain is not stimulated by any interaction you may have with another person.

To ensure you stay rested, the technologist may advise you that when they enter the room to inject the radiopharmaceutical you do not acknowledge them but just pretend they are not there. Once the radiopharmaceutical is injected, you will need to rest for a further 10-30 minutes before the scanning begins. This injection will not make you feel any different.
You will be required to lie still for up to 30 minutes and your head will be resting in a head holder. A scanning camera will rotate around your head. It will come quite close to your head but will not touch it. You may close your eyes.
When are the results available?
After your scan is completed a Nuclear Medicine Physician will review your scan and write a report of the results. This report and the scan images will be sent securely electronically to your referring doctor/specialist. If you require your results to be sent to a different doctor, please advise the staff on the day of your scan.
Are there any costs for this scan?
No, your scan will be Bulk Billed. This means there is NO out of pocket cost for you if you qualify for Medicare.

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