Gated Heart Pool Scan (GHPS)

What is a Gated Heart Pool Scan (GHPS)?
A Gated Heart Pool Scan (GHPS) is a test used to determine how well the heart is pumping. It may be performed if there is concern that your heart has been damaged, or to make sure the heart is working properly before and during chemotherapy. 
How long does a Gated Heart Pool Scan take?
The scan will take about 1 and a half hours to complete. 
What preparation is there for a Gated Heart Pool Scan?
No preparation is required for this scan. Please bring your referral from the doctor, any relevant recent scans/tests, and your Medicare card.
What does a Gated Heart Pool Scan involve?
The test involves 2 small injections into a vein in your arm. These injection’s will not make you feel any different. The first injection (Tin or Stannous Chloride) mixes with the red blood cells and prepares them for the second injection. The second injection is given 15 minutes later, and is a small amount of a radioactive tracer. This will then “stick” to the red blood cells, so that when you are lying on a scanning bed under a special camera, the blood within the heart can be visualised. You will be required to lie still during the pictures and breathe normally. You will also be connected to an ECG machine while the pictures are being taken. 
When are the results available?
After your scan is completed a Nuclear Medicine Physician will review your scan and write a report of the results. This report and the scan images will be sent securely electronically to your referring doctor/specialist. If you require your results to be sent to a different doctor, please advise the staff on the day of your scan.
Are there any costs for this scan?
No, your scan will be Bulk Billed. This means there is NO out of pocket cost for you if you qualify for Medicare.

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